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#1 forum


    Kапитан 3-го ранга

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Отправлено 23 Апрель 2012 - 11:24

Англоязычные островоманы - purposelymarooned.webs.com

Очень похожие темы и обсуждения

Кто мы
Мы люди, которые хотят сбежать от монотонной рутины так называемой цивилизованной жизни, освободиться и начать жить по нашим собственным стандартам, а не праву денег принятом в обществе, где статус важнее, чем счастье.

We are the people who want to escape the monotonous routine of so called civilised life ,to break free and start to live to our own standard and not that of a money driven society where status is more important than happiness.

This adventure should be undertaken by a group not much bigger than ten or sodue to the fact that there are far more possibilites regarding islands.If you think this is the adventure for you then you must be absolutely sure as it wouldnt be fair if you were to let a group down.

At the moment a second group is starting to be formed with the intention of going on their own adventure. Do you want to be apart of it.

Вторая группа

Second group was recently full, BUT we are thinking about opening a few more spots.

If your SERIOUSLY interested, and will have at least $2,000.00 ready by July THIS YEAR. You have the requirements to join. So if you get chosen, we will go down a list and show you what you should bring. If you have some of these things already, it lowers your costs.

We are looking for more experienced, mature, and useful people for our trip. So out of a list of people wanting in, we are going to pick people that will have what it takes to help us.
We might even pick people we just like, someone we can get along with.

So always remember, theres a chance some will still drop out. There's always a chance for anyone.

Everyone going right now are serious. Don't bother trying to join if you wont go through with it.
All it will do is ruin our plans.

Contact me through this message board, Skype, or my email.

Skype - Fallenunder
Email - Cooler02914@hotmail.com

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from anyone here!




There are a few entrances to the lagoon from the ocean and only a couple are big enough to fit a small boat through, the lagoon is up to 20m deep.The hightest elevation on the Atoll is 9m this may mean a raised camp.The Atoll was inhabited as late as 2004 which means there is very likely to be vegeables/fruit on the island as well as a chance for chickens and definately rats.The Atoll is 5.5 miles in length and 2.8 miles across the centre.Suva-Fiji is 970 miles away but it would be possible to island hop to Orona.At the other end of the pheonix group there is an inhabited island called Canton-next photo


This is a coral Atoll with four Islets the sizes of these in miles are 1x0.43 0.52x0.4 0.25x0.2 and 0.4x0.25.There is very dense atoll forest and a very shallow lagoon, highest elevation is 14metres. This atoll was once a British penal colony(prison island) this means there will definetly be rats there maybe Veg/fruit or even chickens. The climate is tropical and Copra(coconuts) are occasionaly harvested. The closest inhabited island is Avarua which is 328 miles away to the east with a small island in the middle, Avarua has a population of 5,500 also it has an airport, it should more than suffice for buying the boat and items that we cant take on the plane.Iles maria has good soil judging by the thick forest, plus there is lots of wood to build with.
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#2 Anton



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Отправлено 10 Июль 2012 - 07:22

Забавно, но атоллом мария я сам интересовался)) крайне изолированное место.Кстати почти всё сейчас легко находится через google earth
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#3 Cepгeй


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Отправлено 10 Июль 2012 - 07:49

Кстати почти всё сейчас легко находится через google earth

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Отправлено 11 Июль 2012 - 07:14

Забавно, но атоллом мария я сам интересовался)) крайне изолированное место.Кстати почти всё сейчас легко находится через google earth

Я там. мысленно, один остров отдал под курятник, а внутреннюю лагуну под садки с рыбой.
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#5 volnomuvolya


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Отправлено 11 Июль 2012 - 09:42

Я на этом форуме свой сайт спамил) Там как совсем уж нет активности. Народ походу разошёлся уже кто куда.
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Яндекс.Метрика Откуда к нам заглядывают